Long Story Short 1: Creation (April 19, 2020)

Long Story Short 2: Fall (April 26, 2020)

Long Story Short 3: Israel (May 3, 2020)


Long Story Short 4: Jesus (May 10, 2020)


Long Story Short 5: Church (May 17, 2020)


Long Story Short 6: New Creation (May 24, 2020)


In the Upper Room with Jesus 1: Having Loved His Own He Loved Them To the End (March 1, 2020)

In the Upper Room with Jesus 3: Promises, Promises (March 15, 2020)


In the Upper Room with Jesus 4: Christ’s Chosen People (March 22, 2020)

In the Upper Room with Jesus 5: Joy in Christ (March 29, 2020)


Palm Sunday: Who is This King? (April 5, 2020)


Easter Sunday: Empty (April 12, 2020)


Vision and Power (February 2, 2020) Guest Preacher: Rev. Sarah Wanck

We Resolve 1: God Over Us (January 5, 2020)

We Resolve 2: God’s Truth Over Opinion (January 12, 2020)


We Resolve 3: God’s Healing Over Our Hiding (January 19, 2020)


Sent Part 1: Jesus Reconciles

Sent Part 4: Jesus Brings New Life


Sent Part 5: Jesus Changes Everything


With Grateful Hearts Part 1: Made for Gratitude

With Grateful Hearts Part 2: Give Thanks in Every Situation?

With Grateful Hearts Part 3: Cultivating Gratefulness

Stand Alone: Mortgage Burning Service: The River

Letting Go Part 1: The Divine Answer

Letting Go Part 2: Seventy Times Seven

Letting Go Part 3: For Better, For Worse


Faith For Tough Times Part 1: Fire Shut Up in My Bones

Faith For Tough Times Part 2: Cracked Cisterns that Hold No Water

Faith for Tough Times Part 3: Never Too Far Gone

Faith for Tough Times Part 4: Hope for the Hopeless


Gospel in Film Part 2: Game On

Gospel in Film Part 3: In Plain Sight

Gospel in Film Part 4: The Greatest Showman


Unafraid Part 1: Fear of Failure

Unafraid Part 2: Friendless and Alone

Unafraid Part 3: Age of High Anxiety

Unafraid Part 4: The Sky is Falling